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dc.creatorIssa, Hatim
dc.creatorKamberović, Željko
dc.creatorGavrilovski, Milorad
dc.creatorKorać, Marija
dc.creatorAnđić, Zoran
dc.description.abstractPresent paper represents a methodology for establishing a relationship between the composition of mixtures of iron-bearing non-standard dispersed raw materials for production of sinter and its most important metallurgical properties, in accordance with the appropriate phase of the production technological process. Using an appropriate software package, the database of available resources is formed. Raw data in the database include: chemical composition, bulk density, grain size distribution, moisture content and the annual quantity generated. The base is divided into basic raw materials and additives. Basic, iron-bearing, raw materials are electro-arc furnace dust (EAFD), pyrite cinder and mill scale, and additives are: flux (lime), binders (cement, bentonite) and reducer (coke). For the study of these relations the planned experiment is conducted, based on the Simplex plane. The connection between the composition of the dispersed iron-bearing mixture, as an independent variable, and dependent variables (metallurgical properties such as resistance to impingement and compression strength) was determined using correlation and regression analysis, where mathematical models for fast and reliable projected synthesis the required metallurgical properties of sinter were obtained.en
dc.publisherEditura Stiintifica Fmr, Bucharest
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Technological Development (TD or TR)/34033/RS//
dc.sourceMetalurgia International
dc.subjectnon-standard iron-bearing raw materialsen
dc.subjectmetallurgical propertiesen
dc.titleModeling of Metallurgical Properties of Sinter Mixtures of Nonstandard Raw Iron-Bearing Materialsen
dcterms.abstractИсса, Хатим; Гавриловски, Милорад; Камберовиц, Зељко; Aнђић, Зоран; Корац, Марија;
dc.citation.other18: 5-8

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