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      2D TLC Separation of Phenols by Use of RP-18 Silica Plates with Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Mobile Phases [1]
      3-Cyanopropylsiloxane-Bonded Silica Gel: Characteristics and Applications in Thin-Layer Chromatography [1]
      5-Aryl-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxylic acids as selective inhibitors of human carbonic anhydrases IX and XII [2]
      A comparative antimicrobial and toxicological study of gold(III) and silver(I) complexes with aromatic nitrogen-containing heterocycles: synergistic activity and improved selectivity index of Au(III)/Ag(I) complexes mixture [1]
      A detailed experimental and computational study of monocarbohydrazones [1]
      A new class of platinum(II) complexes with the phosphine ligand pta which show potent anticancer activity [1]
      A novel binuclear hydrazone-based Cd(II) complex is a strong pro-apoptotic inducer with significant activity against 2D and 3D pancreatic cancer stem cells [1]
      A novel C,D-spirolactone analogue of paclitaxel: autophagy instead of apoptosis as a previously unknown mechanism of cytotoxic action for taxoids [1]
      A progressive electrochemical sensor for food quality control: Reliable determination of theobromine in chocolate products using a miniaturized boron-doped diamond electrode [1]
      A second generation snp-derived Escherichia coli-Streptomyces shuttle expression vector that is generally transferable by conjugation [1]
      A short stereoselective synthesis of (+)-aza-galacto-fagomine (AGF) [1]
      A study of ordered mesoporous carbon doped with Co and Ni as a catalyst of oxygen reduction reaction in both alkaline and acidic media [1]
      A study of transglucosylation kinetic in an enzymatic synthesis of benzyl alcohol glucoside by alpha-glucosidase from S-cerevisiae [1]
      A thin layer chromatographic comparison of raw and soluble starch hydrolysis patterns of some alpha-amylases from Bacillus sp isolated in Serbia [1]
      A Voltammetric Sensor Based on MgFe2O4 Decorated on Reduced Graphene Oxide-modified Electrode for Sensitive and Simultaneous Determination of Catechol and Hydroquinone [1]
      Advanced electrochemical platform for determination of cytostatic drug flutamide in various matrices using a boron-doped diamond electrode [2]
      Agrobiological and Wine Quality Traits of Vitis Vinifera Cv. Merlot Clones Selected in Serbia [1]
      Aliphatic-aromatic stacking interactions in cyclohexane-benzene are stronger than aromatic-aromatic interaction in the benzene dimer [1]
      Amine activators influence on grafting reaction between methacrylic acid and starch [1]
      Amperometric ascorbic acid sensor based on doped ferrites nanoparticles modified glassy carbon paste electrode [1]