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dc.creatorGavrović-Jankulović, Marija
dc.creatorĆirković-Veličković, Tanja
dc.creatorBurazer, Lidija M.
dc.creatorVuckovic, O
dc.creatorJankov, RM
dc.description.abstractBackground. The presence of IgE reactivity to kiwi fruit and grass pollen allergens which could be caused by cross-reactivity has been detected in many patients with allergy. Proper identification of allergens as well as cross-reactive components is essential for understanding fruit and pollen associated hypersensitivity. Methods: Using the sera from the polysensitized patients with specific IgE to grass pollen and kiwi fruit we tested reactivity to both allergen sources. IgE reactivity was exhibited in 8 serum samples by immunoblot. A serum pool formed by 8 individual sera was used for the investigation of IgE crossreactivity. SDS-PAGE immunoblot-inhibition assay was performed by preincubation of the sera with meadow fescue pollen, kiwi fruit extract, and isolated 24 kDa kiwi protein. To determine the allergens of kiwi fruit extract, we performed 2D PAGE immunoblot. In order to detect the crossreactive components between two allergen sources, a specific IgE for the 24 kDa kiwi allergen was purified. Results. SDA-PAGE immunoblot meadow fescue pollen showed allergens ranging from 94 to 16 kDa, and kiwi fruit had 12 allergens ranging from 94 to 17 kDa. 2D-PAGE analysis revealed at least 15 spots in the kiwi extract and about 10 allergens. The most prominent allergen in 2D PAGE immunoblot was protein with 24 kDa and Pi 9.4-9.5. Using an affinity-purified specific IgE we found that the 24 kDa kiwi allergen shared IgE-reactive epitopes with the meadow fescue group 4 and allergen about 36 kDa. Crossreactivity between isolated 24 kDa kiwi allergen and Fes p 4 was confirmed by anti-grass group 4 moab 2D8. Conclusion: Our findings showed that fescue meadow pollen cross-sensitize to kiwi fruits. A 24 kDa kiwi glycoprotein represent potential major allergen, which share common epitopes with Fes p 4 and 36 kDa meadow fescue allergen.en
dc.publisherHogrefe & Huber Publishers, Gottingen
dc.sourceJournal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology
dc.subjectfood allergyen
dc.subjectgrass pollen allergyen
dc.subjectIgE crossreactivityen
dc.subjectkiwi allergensen
dc.subjectmeadow grassen
dc.subjectmonoclonal antibodyen
dc.titleIgE cross reactivity between meadow fescue pollen and kiwi fruit in patients' sera with sensitivity to both extractsen
dcterms.abstractВуцковиц, О; Јанков, РМ; Гавровић-Јанкуловић, Марија; Ћирковић-Величковић, Тања; Буразер, Л;
dc.citation.other12(4): 279-286

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