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      "Does my Diet Affect my Perfume?' Identification and Quantification of Cuticular Compounds in Five Drosophila melanogaster Strains Maintained over 300 Generations on Different Diets [1]
      "It happened, what's the problem?" and "A guide through the problem" - A model for consideration of ecological issues in chemistry education [1]
      "Quinone Millipedes" Reconsidered: Evidence for a Mosaic-Like Taxonomic Distribution of Phenol-Based Secretions across the Julidae [1]
      'Tipovi' aromatičnosti [1]
      'Types' of aromaticity [1]
      (Bio)monitoring potencijalno toksičnih elemenata u vazduhu tokom epizoda saharskog pijeska korišćenjem mahovine Sphagnum girgensohnii i referentnog uzorkivača suspendovanih čestica (PM2,5) [1]
      (Chalcogen)semicarbazones and their cobalt complexes differentiate HL-60 myeloid leukaemia cells and are cytotoxic towards tumor cell lines [2]
      (Electro)chemical and antimicrobial characterization of novel Ru(II) bipyridine complexes with acetylpyridine analogs [1]
      (S,S)-N,N '-Bis(1-carboxy-2-methylpropyl)ethylenediammonium dihalide cyclopentanol tetrasolvate (halide = bromide/chloride similar or equal to 1:12) [1]
      ,,Fingerprintovi” n-alkana, sterana i terpana u naftama iz naftnog polja El (jugoistočni deo Panonskog basena, Srbija) [1]
      1,2-adicija 4-hidroksibenzoeve kiseline i njenih derivata na fuleren u prisustvu FeCl3 [1]
      1,3-Migration of phenylthio group in the rearrangement of tertiary cyclopropylmethanols possessing an α-phenylthio group [1]
      1-cinnamyl-4-(2-methoxyphenyl)piperazines: Synthesis, binding properties, and docking to dopamine (D-2) and serotonin (5-HT1A) receptors [1]
      16 EU prioritetnih policikličnih aromatičnih ugljovodonika (PAH jedinjenja) u dimu drveta i dimljenoj pršuti [1]
      16 EU priority polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the wood smoke and in smoked ham [1]
      1D and 2D Silver-Based Coordination Polymers with Thiomorpholine-4-carbonitrile and Aromatic Polyoxoacids as Coligands: Structure, Photocatalysis, Photoluminescence, and TD-DFT Study [2]
      2 in 1 versus 1 plus 1 – Outcomes of the transformation of adsorptive stripping method for the Ni2+ and Co2+ determination [1]
      2,2 '-{1,1 '-[2,2 '-Oxalylbis(hydrazin-2-yl-1-ylidene)]diethylidyne}dipyridinium bis(perchlorate) dihydrate [1]
      2-alkiliden-4-oksotiazolidin-s-oksidi: sinteza, struktura i hemijse transformacije [1]
      2-Alkylidene-4-oxothiazolidine S-oxides: synthesis and stereochemistry [1]