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      Bacillus amyloliquefaciens laccase - From soil bacteria to recombinant enzyme for wastewater decolorization [1]
      Bacillus sp. Isolated from Japanese food Natto [2]
      Bacterially generated Fe-2(SO4)(3) from pyrite, as a leaching agent for heavy metals from lignite ash [1]
      Bacterially generated H2SO4 from pyrite, as a leaching agent for phosphorus from phosphate ore [1]
      Baicalein - main active flavonoid from Scutellaria baicalensis - voltammetric sensing in human samples using boron doped diamond electrode [1]
      Bakterijski generisani Fe2(SO4)3 iz pirita kao agens za luženje elektrofilterskog pepela termoelektrane iz procesa sagorevanja lignita [1]
      Bakterijsko luženje metala iz elektronskog otpada pomoću At. ferrooxidans [2]
      Banana allergens and protein distribution in different banana cultivars [1]
      Banana as a food allergen source [1]
      Banana lectin interactions with the immune system: Implications for future therapeutic applications [1]
      Banana-Anaphylaxis: Molecular Diagnosis of Allergies as an Indicator of the Sensitization Path? [1]
      BanLec-eGFP Chimera as a Tool for Evaluation of Lectin Binding to High-Mannose Glycans on Microorganisms [1]
      Batch and column adsorption of cations, oxyanions and dyes on a magnetite modified cellulose-based membrane [1]
      Beer as a Teaching Aid in the Classroom and Laboratory [1]
      Benchmarking density functional tight binding models for barrier heights and reaction energetics of organic molecules [1]
      Benzo[a]pyrene, benz[a]anthracene, benzo[b]fluoranthene and chrysene in smoked meat and smoked meat products - validation of the method [1]
      Benzothiazole carbamates and amides as antiproliferative species [2]
      Beta-lactoglobulin covalent modification by phycocyanobilin under physiological conditions: structural and functional effects [1]
      BHK21C13 cells for Aujeszky's disease virus production using the multiple harvest process [1]
      Bifunctional (Zn,Fe)3O4 nanoparticles: Tuning their efficiency for potential application in reagentless glucose biosensors and magnetic hyperthermia [1]