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      C-H center dot center dot center dot pi interactions in the metal-porphyrin complexes with chelate ring as the H acceptor [1]
      C-H/O Interactions of Aromatic CH Donors within Proteins: A Crystallographic Study [1]
      C-H/O interactions of nucleic bases with a water molecule: a crystallographic and quantum chemical study [1]
      Cadmium as main endocrine disruptor in papillary thyroid carcinoma and the significance of Cd/Se ratio for thyroid tissue pathophysiology [1]
      Cadmium retention and distribution in contaminated soil: effects and interactions of soil properties, contamination level, aging time and in situ immobilization agents [1]
      Cadmium specific proteomic responses of a highly resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa san ai [1]
      Cadmium(II) complexes of 5-bromo-salicylaldehyde and alpha-diimines: Synthesis, structure and interaction with calf-thymus DNA and albumins [1]
      Cadmium(II) complexes of 5-nitro-salicylaldehyde and -diimines: synthesis, structure and interaction with calf-thymus DNA [2]
      Calculation of cost price for production of anise fruit and anise essential oil by application of fertilizers used in organic and conventional growing systems [1]
      Calculation of the Jahn-Teller parameters with DFT [1]
      Cambridge structural database (CSD) [1]
      Can carbohydrates change the shape of water? [1]
      Can the sensitivity of energetic materials be tuned by using hydrogen bonds? Another look at the role of hydrogen bonding in the design of high energetic compounds [1]
      Can Variations of (HNMR)-H-1 Chemical Shifts in Benzene Substituted with an Electron-Accepting (NO2)/Donating (NH2) Group be Explained in Terms of Resonance Effects of Substituents? [2]
      Cancer-Suppressive Potential of Extracts of Endemic Plant Helichrysum zivojinii: Effects on Cell Migration, Invasion and Angiogenesis [1]
      Canned sea fish marketed in Serbia: their zinc, copper, and iron levels and contribution to the dietary intake [1]
      Canonical and selective approaches in exosome purification and their implications for diagnostic accuracy [1]
      Capillary electrophoresis: Basic principles and application [1]
      Capillary zone electrophoresis determination of fluoride in seawater using transient isotachophoresis [1]
      Carbohydrate – Protein aromatic ring interactions beyond CH/π interactions: A Protein Data Bank survey and quantum chemical calculations [2]