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      Facile rearrangement of push-pull 5-substituted 4-oxothiazolidines induced by pyridinium hydrobromide perbromide under homogeneous reaction conditions [1]
      Facile synthesis of hydrophilic polymer-capped upconverting NaYF4:Yb,Er particles [1]
      FACS Based High Throughput Screening Systems for Gene Libraries in Double Emulsions [1]
      Factors determining the orientation of axially coordinated imidazoles in heme proteins [1]
      Fast and reliable method for simultaneous zymographic detection of glucoamylase and a-amylase in fungal fermentation [1]
      Fast detection of apricot product frauds by added pumpkin via planar chromatography and chemometrics: Greenness assessment by analytical eco-scale [1]
      Fatty acid and phenolic profiles of almond grown in Serbia [2]
      Fatty acid chemistry of Atrichum undulatum and Hypnum andoi [1]
      Fatty acid composition of seed oil of Phlomis fruticosa growing in Montenegro [1]
      Fatty acid composition of the cypselae of two endemic Centaurea species (Asteraceae) [1]
      Fatty Acid Composition of Traditional Beef and Pork Ham from Serbia [1]
      Fatty acids binding to human serum albumin: Changes of reactivity and glycation level of Cysteine-34 free thiol group with methylglyoxal [1]
      Fatty acids composition and physical properties of stones and kernels from different peach cultivars as biomarker of origin and ripening time [1]
      Fatty acids composition of the most common bivalves in Korean diet [1]
      Fatty acids of Rhodobryum ontariense (Bryaceae) [1]
      Fatty Acids of Some Moss Species from Germany [1]
      Fatty acids, persistent organic pollutants, and trace elements in small pelagic fish from the eastern Mediterranean Sea [1]
      Fatty acids, sterols, and triterpenes of the fruits of 8 heracleum taxa [1]
      Fe Doped TiO2 Prepared by Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Process for Removal of As(III) and As(V) from Water [1]
      Feasibility of the internal standardization in direct determination of arsenic in wine samples by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry [1]