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      Tailor-made biocatalysts based on scarcely studied acidic horseradish peroxidase for biodegradation of reactive dyes [1]
      Takmičenja iz hemije u periodu od 1984. do 2004. godine - II deo [1]
      Tankoslojna hromatografija nekih antihipertenziva iz grupe angiotenzin konvertujućih enzim inhibitora [1]
      Tankoslojna hromatografija nekih miorelaksanasa [1]
      Tautomerism of 4-phenyl-2,4-dioxobutanoic acid. Insights from pH ramping NMR study and quantum chemical calculations [1]
      Temperature influence on the composition of Ni-ferrite powders obtained from complex compounds with acetylacetonato-ligands [1]
      Tentacle carrier for immobilization of potato phenoloxidase and its application for halogenophenols removal from aqueous solutions [1]
      Terpene Chemodiversity of Relict Conifers Picea omorika, Pinus heldreichii, and Pinus peuce, Endemic to Balkan [1]
      Terpene relationships among some soft and hard pine species [1]
      Terpenes and n-Alkanes in Needles of Pinus cembra [1]
      Terpenes as Useful Markers in Differentiation of Natural Populations of Relict Pines Pinus heldreichii, P.nigra, and P.peuce [2]
      Testing directed to aims and outcomes of learning Chemistry [1]
      Testing microbiological and chemical parametars of the sediment of microbial fuel cell [2]
      Teški metali u zemljištu Beograda [1]
      Tetraaquabis(D-camphor-10-sulfonato)calcium(II) [1]
      Tetracyclic triterpenoids from Euphorbia nicaeensis All [1]
      Tetrahydrofuran-type sesquiterpenes from Artemisia lobelii All. var. canescens (DC.) Briqu. and Artemisia lobelii All. var. biasolettiana (Vis.) K. Maly [1]
      Tetraoxane antimalarials and their reaction with Fe(II) [1]
      Tetraoxanes as inhibitors of apicomplexan parasites Plasmodium falciparum and Toxoplasma gondii growth and anti-cancer molecules [1]
      Tetraoxanes induced ROS production and activation of caspase 3 in HeLa cells [1]