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      Water soluble Eu(III) complexes of macrocyclic triamide ligands: Structure, stability, luminescence and redox properties [1]
      Water-soluble inorganic ions in urban aerosols of the continental part of Balkans (Belgrade) during the summer - autumn (2008) [1]
      Water/Aromatic Parallel Alignment Interactions. Significant Interactions at Large Horizontal Displacements [1]
      Weather Conditions Influence on Lavandin Essential Oil and Hydrolate Quality [1]
      What are preferred water-aromatic interactions in proteins and crystal structures of small molecules? [1]
      What Are the Preferred Horizontal Displacements in Parallel Aromatic-Aromatic Interactions? Significant Interactions at Large Displacements [1]
      What are the preferred horizontal displacements of aromatic-aromatic interactions in proteins? Comparison with the calculated benzene-benzene potential energy surface [1]
      What do students know at the begining of their chemistry studies [1]
      What Is Special about Aromatic-Aromatic Interactions? Significant Attraction at Large Horizontal Displacement [1]
      What is the nature of bonding in [Fe(CO)3(NO)]− and [Fe(CO)4]2−? [2]
      What Is the Nature of Interactions of BF4–, NO3–, and ClO4– to Cu(II) Complexes with Girard’s T Hydrazine? When Can Binuclear Complexes Be Formed? [1]
      What is the preferred geometry of sulfur–disulfide interactions? [2]
      What must be considered when creating alternative or multiple choice tasks to test achievement in chemistry [1]
      Why is chemistry a part of basic/compulsory education [1]
      Wild Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L., Ericaceae) from Montenegro as a Source of Antioxidants for Use in the Production of Nutraceuticals [1]
      Wild Thymus capitatus Hoff. Et Link. Chemical Composition, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of the Essential Oil [1]
      Wine Chemical Composition and Radical Scavenging Activity of Some Cabernet Franc Clones [1]
      Work-oriented education and changes in chemistry teaching [1]
      X-ray crystal structure of 10 beta-hydroxy-4 beta,5 beta P-epoxyestr-1-en-3,17-dione and antitumor activity of its congeners [1]
      X-Ray structure and cytotoxic activity of a picolinate ruthenium(II)-arene complex [1]