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      X-ray crystal structure of 10 beta-hydroxy-4 beta,5 beta P-epoxyestr-1-en-3,17-dione and antitumor activity of its congeners [1]
      X-Ray structure and cytotoxic activity of a picolinate ruthenium(II)-arene complex [1]
      Xanthone compounds in shoot cultures of Gentianella bulgarica [1]
      Xanthones and C-glucosides from the aerial parts of four species of Gentianella from Serbia and Montenegro [1]
      Xanthones from Swertia punctata [1]
      XH/pi interactions with the pi system of porphyrin ring in porphyrin-containing proteins [1]
      Yeast surface display for the expression, purification and characterization of wild-type and B11 mutant glucose oxidases [1]
      Yeast surface display is a novel tool for the rapid immunological characterization of plant-derived food allergens [1]
      Zadržavanje sumpora u pepelu tokom sagorevanja uglja - deo II - model procesa [1]
      Zastupljenost n-3 polinezasićenih masnih kiselina u fosfolipidima eritrocita i insulinska senzitivnost kod gojaznih osoba pri tipičnoj ishrani podneblja Srbije [1]
      Zašto je hemija deo osnovnog/obaveznog obrazovanja [1]
      Zinc concentrations in human milk and infant serum during the first six months of lactation [1]
      Zinc Deficiency, Plasma Fatty Acid Profile and Desaturase Activities in Hemodialysis Patients: Is Supplementation Necessary? [1]
      Zn(II) complex with 2-quinolinecarboxaldehyde selenosemicarbazone: synthesis, structure, interaction studies with DNA/HSA, molecular docking and caspase-8 and-9 independent apoptose induction [1]
      Zn(II) complexes with thiazolyl–hydrazones: structure, intermolecular interactions, photophysical properties, computational study and anticancer activity [1]
      Znanje osnovnih hemijskih pojmova u osnovnoj školi i gimnaziji [1]
      μ-opioid/D2 dopamine receptor pharmacophore containing ligands: Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation [1]
      Биодеградација полихлорованих бифенила у речном седименту: лабораторијска студија [1]
      Везивање неких антималарика за хумани серум албумин [1]
      Дигитални материјали за усвајање појмова растварање и раствори [1]