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      A 3-fold "Butterfly Valve" in Command of the Encapsulation's Kinetic Stability. Molecular Baskets at Work [1]
      A case of selective IgE-mediated hypersensitivity to ceftibuten [1]
      A Chemotype That Inhibits Three Unrelated Pathogenic Targets: The Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype A Light Chain, P. falciparum Malaria, and the Ebola Filovirus [1]
      A comparative exploration of the phytochemical profiles and bio-pharmaceutical potential of Helichrysum stoechas subsp. barrelieri extracts obtained via five extraction techniques [2]
      A Comparative Study of DNA Binding and Cell Cycle Phase Perturbation by the Dinuclear Complex of Cd(II) with the Condensation Product of 2-Acetylpyridine and Malonic Acid Dihydrazide N ',N ' 2-bis[(1E)-1-(2-pyridyl) ethylidene] propanedihydrazide [1]
      A Comparative Study of In Vitro Cytotoxic, Antioxidant, and Antimicrobial Activity of Pt( II), Zn( II), Cu( II), and Co( III) Complexes with N-heteroaromatic Schiff Base ( E)-2-[ N-( 1-pyridin-2-yl-ethylidene) hydrazino] acetate [1]
      A comparative study of the molecular and isotopic composition of biomarkers in immature oil shale (Aleksinac deposit, Serbia) and its liquid pyrolysis products (open and closed systems) [2]
      A comparison of the antinociceptive and temperature responses to morphine and fentanyl derivatives in rats [1]
      A comprehensive study of conditions of the biodegradation of a plastic additive 2,6-di-: Tert -butylphenol and proteomic changes in the degrader Pseudomonas aeruginosa san ai [1]
      A contribution to the elemental profile of the leaf samples of newly developed Cabernet Franc varieties [1]
      A contribution to the elucidation of oil migration mechanisms through water-wet sediments: Crushed rock environment as example [1]
      A convenient procedure for the preparation of Garner's aldehyde [1]
      A convenient synthesis of trifluoromethyl aryl sulfides [1]
      A dendritic fullerene-porphyrin dyad [1]
      A density functional study of the spin state energetics of polypyrazolylborato complexes of first-row transition metals [1]
      A detailed experimental and computational study of monocarbohydrazones [1]
      A DFT Study of the Modulation of the Antiaromatic and Open-Shell Character of Dibenzo[a,f]pentalene by Employing Three Strategies: Additional Benzoannulation, BN/CC Isosterism, and Substitution [1]
      A direct and sensitive electrochemical sensing platform based on ionic liquid functionalized graphene nanoplatelets for the detection of bisphenol A [2]
      A first record of the antioxidant defense and selected trace elements in Salamandra salamandra larvae on Mt. Avala and Mt. Vršački Breg (Serbia) [1]
      A Flow Cytometry-Based Screening System for Directed Evolution of Proteases [1]