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      Gamma irradiation of graphene quantum dots with ethylenediamine: Antioxidant for ion sensing [1]
      Gamma rays induced synthesis of graphene oxide/gold nanoparticle composites: structural and photothermal study [1]
      Gamma-ray-induced structural transformation of GQDs towards the improvement of their optical properties, monitoring of selected toxic compounds, and photo-induced effect on bacterial strains [1]
      Ganoderma lucidum - Medical mushroom as a raw material for beer with enhanced functional properties [1]
      Gas Chromatography in Environmental Sciences and Evaluation of Bioremediation [1]
      Gastric digestome of whole peanut grains from the aspect of immunoproteomics: Characterization of digested allergens in the real food matrix [1]
      Gauche preference in 1,2-difluoroethane originates from both orbital and electrostatic stabilization interactions [1]
      GC-FID-MS based metabolomics to access plum brandy quality [1]
      GC-MS in crude oil correlation studies - Effects of biodegradation on sterane and terpane maturation parameters [1]
      GC-MS in organic geochemistry of coal-estimation of the origin and degree of carbonification in coal from the Kosovo basin (Yugoslavia) [1]
      GC-MS vs. GC-MS-MS analysis of pentacyclic terpanes in crude oils from Libya and Serbia - A comparison of two methods [1]
      GC/MS and TOC Analyses of Ibuprofen after Degradation in Waterusing Chlorine Dioxide [1]
      GC–MS-based metabolomics for the detection of adulteration in oregano samples [1]
      General treatment of the multimode Jahn-Teller effect: study of fullerene cations [2]
      Generation and intermolecular additions of pyridylmethyl radicals [1]
      Genetically engineered Phl p 1 is a suitable diagnostic marker for in vivo allergy diagnosis of timothy grass pollen allergy [1]
      Geochemical and Sedimentation History of Neogene Lacustrine Sediments from the Valjevo-Mionica Basin (Serbia) [1]
      Geochemical and Statistical Methods in the Evaluation of Trace Elements Contamination: an Application on Canal Sediments [1]
      Geochemical Characteristics of Crude Oils from the Sharara-C Oil Field, Murzuq Basin, Southwestern Libya [1]
      Geochemical characterization of the hydrous pyrolysis products from a recent cyanobacteria-dominated microbial mat. [1]