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      Maceral and biomarker composition of lignite lithotypes - Implications on palaeoenvironment and grindability properties [1]
      Macromolecular crowding conditions enhance glycation and oxidation of whey proteins in ultrasound-induced Maillard reaction [1]
      Macroporous poly(GMA-co-EGDMA) for enzyme stabilization [1]
      Macroporous poly(GMA-co-EGDMA) for enzyme stabilization. [1]
      Maghemite and poly-DL-alanine based core-shell multifunctional nanohybrids for environmental protection and biomedicine applications [1]
      Magnetic Anisotropy in "Scorpionate" First-Row Transition-Metal Complexes: A Theoretical Investigation [1]
      Magnetic Anisotropy of the C-C Single Bond [1]
      Magnetic couplings mediated through the non-covalent interactions [1]
      Magnetic criteria of aromaticity in a benzene cation and anion: how does the Jahn-Teller effect influence the aromaticity? [1]
      Magnetic, electrochemical and antimicrobial properties of some Cu(II) complexes with TPMC [1]
      Magnetite/Mn-ferrite nanocomposite with improved magnetic properties [1]
      Magnetization enhancement and cation valences in nonstoichiometric (Mn,Fe)(3-delta)O-4 nanoparticles [1]
      Magnetization enhancement in nanostructured random type MgFe2O4 spinel prepared by soft mechanochemical route [1]
      Maillard reaction products formation and antioxidative power of spray dried camel milk powders increases with the inlet temperature of drying [1]
      Major Volatile Components and Sensory Characteristics of Plum Brandies Produced from Plum Cultivars Developed in Cacak [1]
      Major volatile components and sensory characteristics of plum brandies produced from plum cultivars developed in cačak [1]
      Makroporozni kopolimer na bazi glicidilmetakrilata funkcionalizovan sa dietilentriaminom kao sorbent tekstilne boje Reactive Black 5 [1]
      Mangan-superoksid-dismutaza (MnSOD) katalizuje NO-zavisno nitrovanje ostatka tirozina [1]
      Manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) catalyzes NO-dependent tyrosine residue nitration [1]
      Mannich bases of 1,2,4-triazole--3-thione containing adamantane moiety: Synthesis, preliminary anticancer evaluation, and molecular modeling studies [1]