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      Lanthanide doped hydroxyapatite for multimodal imaging [1]
      Large Single Crystals of Isomorphous Hexaaquametal(II) D-Camphor-10-sulfonates [1]
      Leaching of toxic elements from secondary alkaline lead slag and stabilized/solidified products [1]
      Leaching Properties of Secondary Lead Slag Stabilized/Solidified with Cement and Selected Additives [1]
      Leaf epicuticular waxes of eleven Euphorbia species (Euphorbiaceae) from the central Balkans: Impact on chemotaxonomy [1]
      Lignin degradation by selected fungal species [1]
      Limited Aromatic Pathway Genes Diversity Amongst Aromatic Compound Degrading Soil Bacterial Isolates [1]
      Lipophilicity Assessment of Ruthenium(II)-Arene Complexes by the Means of Reversed-Phase Thin-Layer Chromatography and DFT Calculations [1]
      Macromolecular crowding conditions enhance glycation and oxidation of whey proteins in ultrasound-induced Maillard reaction [1]
      Manganese dioxide-modified carbon paste electrode for voltammetric determination of riboflavin [1]
      Mechanisms of redox interactions of bilirubin with copper and the effects of penicillamine [2]
      Medicinal plants in Northern Montenegro: Traditional knowledge, quality, and resources [1]
      Medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoate production by newly isolated Pseudomonas sp TN301 from a wide range of polyaromatic and monoaromatic hydrocarbons [1]
      Mercury-free and modification-free electroanalytical approach towards bromazepam and alprazolam sensing: A facile and efficient assay for their quantification in pharmaceuticals using boron-doped diamond electrodes [2]
      Metabolic versatility of Gram-positive microbial isolates from contaminated river sediments [1]
      Methane Activations by Titanium Neopentylidene Complexes: Electronic Resilience and Steric Control [1]
      Microbial Diversity and Isolation of Multiple Metal-Tolerant Bacteria from Surface and Underground Pits Within the Copper Mining and Smelting Complex Bor [1]
      Microbial levan and pullulan as potential protective agents for reducing adverse effects of copper on Daphnia magna and Vibrio fischeri [1]
      Microwave assisted hydrothermal synthesis of (Fe,Co)(3)O-4 nanoparticles in the presence of surfactants and effects of Co/Fe ratio on microstructure and magnetism [2]
      Microwave-hydrothermal method for the synthesis of composite materials for removal of arsenic from water [1]