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      Validacija tankoslojne hromatografije kao metode za jednostavno određivanje p-hlorfenola u tretiranoj otpadnoj vodi [1]
      Visoki antioksidativni potencijal i mali toksični efekat selenosemikarbazonskih kompleksa [1]
      Vlijanie kontekstual'nogo podhoda k obučeniju organičeskoj himii na ulučšenie konceptual'nogo ponimanija i primenenie znanija u učenikov gimnazii) [1]
      Volta metric Behavior of Mesotrione using Silver/Amalgam Electrode [1]
      Voltammetric Behaviour and Determination of 8-Hydroxyquinoline Using a Glassy Carbon Paste Electrode and the Theoretical Study of its Electrochemical Oxidation Mechanism [1]
      Voltammetric determination of an antipsychotic agent trifluoperazine at a boron-doped diamond electrode in human urine [1]
      Voltammetric determination of harmaline in natural food products using boron-doped diamond electrode [1]
      Voltammetric protocol for reliable determination of a platelet aggregation inhibitor dipyridamole on a bare miniaturized boron-doped diamond electrochemical sensor [1]
      Voltammetric Study of Antitumor Efficient Ethylenediamine-Type of Ligands [1]
      Water-induced isomerism of salicylaldehyde and 2-acetylpyridine mono- and bis-(thiocarbohydrazones) improves the antioxidant activity: spectroscopic and DFT study [1]
      Wear Resistance and Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Hypoeutectic High-Chromium White Cast Iron Alloyed with Niobium and Vanadium [1]
      What Are the Preferred Horizontal Displacements in Parallel Aromatic-Aromatic Interactions? Significant Interactions at Large Displacements [1]
      What are the preferred horizontal displacements of aromatic-aromatic interactions in proteins? Comparison with the calculated benzene-benzene potential energy surface [1]
      What Is Special about Aromatic-Aromatic Interactions? Significant Attraction at Large Horizontal Displacement [1]
      Wild Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L., Ericaceae) from Montenegro as a Source of Antioxidants for Use in the Production of Nutraceuticals [1]
      Wiring of glucose oxidase with graphene nanoribbons: an electrochemical third generation glucose biosensor [1]
      XRF and LIBS measuring on metal and ceramic laser-cleaned surfaces [1]
      Yeast surface display for the expression, purification and characterization of wild-type and B11 mutant glucose oxidases [1]
      Zn(II) complex with 2-quinolinecarboxaldehyde selenosemicarbazone: synthesis, structure, interaction studies with DNA/HSA, molecular docking and caspase-8 and-9 independent apoptose induction [1]
      Стекинг интеракције планaрних прстенова формираних водоничним везивањем [1]